Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dreams are bad?

Although I have a multitude of things to write home about and share updates on, we will save some of that for another day. For now, I draw the attention to the topic of DREAMS.

the nightly type.

for me, they've always been a big deal.

I seem to forever be at one extreme end or the other with them...I have great ones, or horrible ones. unfortunately I've had much more of the latter lately, and that's been going on for the past couple of years. it's gotten to the point where I've forgotten that it's normal to NOT have intense, unsettling dreams and or nightmares every night. Its NOT normal to continually have dreams about tornados or things that we don't want to describe chasing you and trying to hunt you down.

Usually during these regular nocturnal episodes, I experience really intense feelings resulting from whatever ficticious events my subconscious happens to be generating, and because it all feels so intricately real, they tend to linger around me throughout the rest of the day. Fantasy, without asking first, invades reality (well, MY reality).

I was thinking about it today, and find it strange how our dreams can make us feel powerful emotions that we don't happen to be feeling at the time in our day-to-day comings and goings. It can stimulate parts of our brain and limbic system all because of things going on in the internal psyche. [I'm not making any sense, am I]....anyway, I still find this fascinating. but it leaves me only asking more questions... what's behind our dreams? God? the television? bad spirits? unresolved conflict? or simply a way in which we are whispering into our own ears?

I do have someone (actually a few people) that I talk to about dreams from time to time, and I try to do other helpful things to clear my mind before I go to sleep at night. So far it hasn't seemed to make a whole lot of difference. It just feels out of my control.

It's 12:29am and although I am nowhere near jumping into bed, still I wonder where I will be taken tonight?

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asdf said...

No, not bad. Maybe I'm a little to influenced by Freud, but I do think it is a strong representation of what lives in our unconscious be it fears, hopes, etc.