Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer 09 Songs & Shows

I've got music on the brain and heart again.

For someone that used to go to so many shows it was like a recreational activity, it feels like I've been pretty motionless in comparison.

I was lucky enough to get to see Greg Laswell for the umpteenth time a few weekends ago, thanks to a certain someone to who texted me about it the day I got back from Miami (more on that trip later)! It was a super late performance at a small venue but i was not complaining one bit! Got to here a new track and as usual Mr. Laswell rocked the house.
If you haven't already, go here to check him out.

I guess probably the only other show I've been to this year was.....eeek Underoath!! that was in Cincinnati, another interesting and rather spontaneous trip of mine last October. UO never fails to deliver, and I never seem to get tired of listening to them.

My sister and I are pretty stoked to be seeing The Get Up Kids perform in November in Philadelphia. I've never seen them before; my sister was lucky enough to see one of the shows on their farewell tour... I guess they're back??

Their music brings back so many memories for me. VU, driving through the desert to vegas, summers at home during college, road trips etc.

Mute Math is coming to town, and I am REALLY wanting to go to that one as well...so many plans! ;) They just came out with an awesome single called "The Nerve" but here is the latest video for the single "Spotlight"

Some other bands/songs I've been enjoying lately include:

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

however I am really digging this newest release from them 'Science of Fear'

Passion Pit

City and Colour

And lastly, I was very very excited tonight about my little gem of a discovery that Thursday is going on a fall tour that begins in philly! I have been so behind on everything that I didn't even realize they had a new album out!! since march!

Despite being out of the loop for awhile, I'm super excited to be going to some good live performances over the next few months and finding some newer tunes to enjoy in my car and while jogging. Feel free to send your own suggestions!

Fall 09, here I come.


Jess said...

That's funny! I was just listening to a mix of Thursday and forgot how much I enjoyed them!! :) Lucky you for going to all these upcoming shows!!

Meredith Rachel Munro said...

haha yeah we'll see, hopefully i can get those thursday tickets once they go on sale! they are playing at a really small venue here in philly (a church basement!!!!) that i've been to a lot so that should be pretty amazing considering the last few times i've seen them was new years at a bigger place in New Jersey...

Thrice is also coming to town, and as much as I am thricecrazy, I decided not to hit that one up cause the place they are playing at kinda sucks.

Who have you seen lately?? I still need to check out Maylene!!!