Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bamboo Birthday

When I was in St. Lucia for spring break in March (I KNOW!) my family and I went on a rainforest hike that lasted about 4 hours, and included a waterfall plunge and actual RAIN keeping us drenched and cool. How ironic. Anyway, at some point during the hike the guide stopped by a thicket of bamboo and shared some fascinating facts that I had never heard before. Bamboo can grow up to 18 inches IN A DAY and is as durable as steel. It only blossoms every 100 years or so, and right after the bamboo blossoms, it dies.

Of course, this probably isn't across the board for all species of this incredible plant, but nonetheless I was fascinated by this. How crazy is it, that the bamboo could spend its whole life, just growing and growing, and when it finally comes time to blossom, its at the end of its life. If only you are so lucky to be around at the right time during that 100 year or so lifespan to see the beauty at the very end.
This makes me think of how I am also something God created that is still growing, sometimes it feels like 18 inches in a day, other times 18 inches in 2 years but regardless I need to have patience. Will I be 100 when I finally bloom? Who will be around to see it? Sometimes I wonder these things, but then I remember I am blooming NOW, even when I do not see it. On my 26th birthday, May 14, 2008, I have flowers all over me because of God's goodness in my life. Thank you O Lord for blessing me with another year of LIFE through You! Thank you that you can grow beautiful blossoms out of places where sorrow once was. Thank you that you can make beauty from ashes.


Susan Isaacs said...

First of all, I love the story about bamboo. We have some giant agave plants in our back yard, also called "Century plants." they live to be about 60 years old. Then in one season they shoot up a huge TREE, flower, put forth their seeds and die. One of them is shooting up its tree at the moment. It's so beautiful and melancholy. But I think as God's children we can send out our seeds our whole lives.
Secondly -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May you live to be at least three Century Plants old, and maybe as old as bamboo, and send flowers every year.
Thirdly, you're prettier than Eva Amurri actually

Wendy Melchior said...

Beautiful Meredith. I can't wait to keep reading your mind. Happy, happy birthday.

Kyle said...

Happy Birthday Mere! You write like a poet. Beautiful picture and what an amazing tree! Could you see them growing :)?


Mike said...

Amen sister Amen!

God shows us our roots daily and how we are continually growing, flowering and soaking in the son.