Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long/Creative Song Titles = Music to My Ears

Maybe it's cause I have a penchant for the unique and unexpected, but one of my favorite things, oddly enough, are long song titles. I don't know why, I just dig it. One band in particular has a habit of doing this, is Underoath
I will warn you though, don't click on that link unless you tend to be a fan of the hardcore/screamo/rock persuasion. If not your ears will not thank you! I on the other hand, am a lover of Underoath. I love their message and attitude as a group of christian musicians in the music scene. And the lyrics. Oh man. so soooo good! A super good friend of mine, Michael Adams, (LOVE THAT GUY) is also a very talented musician, and once described Underoath's music sort of as modern day psalms.

some good long titles of Underoath's include:

-I don't feel very receptive today.
-It's dangerous business walking out your front door.
-I got ten friends and a crowbar that says you ain't gonna do jack.
-Some seek forgiveness, others escape.
-There could be nothing after this.
-The impact of reason.

and some more from underoath drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie's side project
The Almost:

-I mostly like to copy other people
-They say you can never write I told you so in a song but here I go
-Call back when I'm honest

also, local philadelphia & english-teachin' band mewithoutYou has some pretty amazingly long and creative ones!!

-A glass can only spill what it contains
-I never said that I was brave
-Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt
-Tie me up! Untie me!

So great. yay for the little things in life that make you happy.

yay for people who think outside the box and can express some pretty intense thoughts/emotions through music and poetry.

I've got a lot of admiration for that! I've also been very lucky to see all of these bands play live and can't to do it again soon.

Alright, back to the part where I'm NOT procrastinating and actually writing my paper du jour!!!


Maureen said...

"I mostly like to copy other people"....OMG, I'm having t-shirts made!

ps. thanks for the laugh.

Blake's Blog said...
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Jessica said...

i am in full agreement with your music selection... Underoath has amazing lyrics as does MeWithoutYou and the Almost... Keep them coming... keep being inspired